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The main attraction of the summer months is trekking and camping. Trekkers with a sensible degree of physical fitness, without any prior experience, can manage the altitude that ranges from 6000 to 16000 feet above sea level. The Himalayan foothills are ideal for Jungle treks and camps throughout the year.

Trekking in Himalaya
Trekking is the main attraction for adventure lovers in the region. The trekking seasons is roughly from September to mid June with the winter months constituting a relatively lean period. The monsoon season is not the best time to trek due to excessive rainfall and cold.

Trekkers with a reasonable degree of physical fitness, without any prior experience, can manage the altitude that ranges from 6000 to 16000 feet above sea level. The Himalayan foothills are ideal for jungle treks and camps throughout the year.

The most famous treks in the region are Sandakphu & Phalut trek in Darjeeling and the Dzongri & Goeche La trek in Sikkim. Apart from these two, there are numerous short to long duration treks.

The Hindustan Travel trek tours are very No. of Nights to serve your purpose. We have complete set of trekking gears including tents, haversacks, camera, binoculars, tent chairs, table, cooks etc.

The variety of service includes arrangement of deluxe treks where we use porters to carry the entire luggage so that you can get the best service no matter where you are. On the other extreme we also organize standard treks where only existing resources at the places visited are utilized.

Sandakpu Trekking

Sandakpu Trek Introduction : Trekking into Sandakphu starts off from an altitude of 1,524 meters (5,000 ft) and gradually climbs up through forests of rhododendron, giant magnolias, spruce and other trees of sub-alpine region and more than 600 varieties of orchids-the largest to be found in one geographical area in the world. For flora worshippers, the months of April and May are the best time of the year for the trek while for those who have an insatiable thirst for a view of the mountains; the best months are in autumn. The view from Sandakphu is unsurpassed by any view anywhere. Where else can be seen 180 degrees of snow-capped mountains which includes Everest, Makalu, Lhotse, Kumbhakarna, Kanchenjanga, Chomolhari in one single stretch of snows-an ethereal beauty. It is easy to understand why people leave hearth and home, traveling sometimes thousands of miles to walk through ripples of terraced fields of maize, rice, millet and barley, leaving the last traces of civilization far behind.

Yuksom Dzongri Trek

Yuksom Dzongri Trek is one the the most popular short high altitude trekking destination in sikkim. Dzongri trek is a shorter version of the Goechala Trek. This particular trek starts from Yuksam and ends up at Yuksam in 5 days. Dzongri trek is specially suitable and designed for the trekkers who wanted to explore more in shorter period of time. In fact Dzongri and Dzongri La (view point) is the best spot for a view of the mountains and its ranges in the sikkim himlayas. 

Along with Mighty Mt. Kanchendzonga 8585m - The third highest mountains in the world, some of the most well know peaks seen during this trek from Dzongri View Points are Mt. Pandim 6691m, Mt. Kabur north 7338m, Mt. Kabur south 7317m, Mt. Kumbhakarna (Janoo) 7710m, Mt. Simvo 6811m, Mt. Kabru Forked 6108m, Mt, Frey Peak 5830m, Mt. Rathong 6679m, Mt. Kokthang 6147m and Mt. Goecha Peak 5127m. 

Goechala Kasturi Trek

Goechala Kasturi Trek is a slighty different version of the Regular Goechala trek. Goechala Kasturi trek is also know as the Round trek or Kasturi Orar trek. This particular trek starts from Yuksam and ends up at Tashiding village. Kasturi trek passes through famous Dzongri view point and Goechala view point and divert itself from the regular Goechala trails from Thangshing on the way back. This treks provides specticular views of the snow capped peaks and mountains range and falls exactly opposite to the Singalila mountain range. The views are simply Amazing an captivating during this trek and are less explored by the trekkers each years. This trek is specially suitable for the trekkers who loves to explore less explored regions, face challanges and like to be with raw nature for bit longer period of time.

Sikkim Green Lake Trek

Sikkim Green Lake Trek Introduction: This is a very picturesque trail which combines natural beauty with spectacular views of high peaks.There are vast tracts of thick forest, with several varieties of rhododendrons, other colorful flowers,birds and many waterfalls on both sides of the trail. Kanchendzonga was one of the first peaks to be attempted by expeditions before world war two.As Nepal was closed, the approach from Sikkim,via the Zemu Glacier,was followed instead. Pre war Everest expeditions also passed through North Sikkim and this trail was part of their route.Today,it is still largely unexplored region as not many parties have been allowed across to Green Lake.

The trek to Green Lake, the base camp of mount Kanchendzonga on the Zemu glacier in north Sikkim is a splendid walk with the variety of flowers like rhododendron, blue poppies and primulas all in bloom. The mountain views are fantastic with amphitheater of peaks with mount Kanchendzonga at the head of the valley. However, the green lakes base camp is more than 5000m and so proper acclimatization is essential to avoid altitude sickness.

Some of the popular treks of the region
Sandakphu (06 Days)
Sandakphu & Phalut (10 Days)
Dzongri (09 Days)
Goeche La (12 Days)
Green Lake Trek (13 Days)


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